Iran : the theocracy is consolidating

Having succeeded - with the involuntary help of America - in extending its influence over four capitals of the Arab world (Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Sana'a), the theocratic regime that has governed Shiite Persia for more than thirty years wished to consolidate itself. This is the meaning of the presidential elections it organised on Friday 18 … Lire la suite de Iran : the theocracy is consolidating

Biden-Putin: a common interest

Despite a few recent media-savvy jabs, there is no reason why the Geneva summit between the American and Russian presidents on 16 June 2021 should go badly. For, beyond their ideological differences, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have a common interest, which the former claims and the latter conceals: slow down the rise of China. … Lire la suite de Biden-Putin: a common interest

How to get out of the Lebanese impasse?

Lebanon is crying, even though it is a country blessed by the gods. Its mountainous territory is not large (the equivalent of two French departments), but it is breathtakingly beautiful - a sort of eastern Côte d'Azur. Its plains, irrigated and numerous, offer an agricultural potential equivalent to that of its southern neighbour, Israel. Its … Lire la suite de How to get out of the Lebanese impasse?

The European Union does not scare anyone!

When, on 10 September 2019, the President of the European Commission, the German Ursula Von der Leyen, installed her Vice-President, the Spaniard Josep Borrell, as High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, she said to him: "We must be a geopolitical Commission! ". Historically, under the influence of the German geographer … Lire la suite de The European Union does not scare anyone!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s tragic drift

Eight months ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, achieved a brilliant strategic success. He signed, in Washington, the Abraham agreements with the United Arab Emirates, instituting an exchange of embassies and commercial cooperation between the Jewish state and this large Arab petromonarchy of the Persian Gulf. "I think we will soon see other Arab … Lire la suite de Benjamin Netanyahu’s tragic drift

Biden: diplomacy for the middle classes

Following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump's slogan was "Make America great again! " The motto of the new American president, Joe Biden, would be "Make the American middle-class happy again!" Deploying diplomacy that satisfies the American middle class is a stated goal of the Biden administration. Jake Sullivan, the new National Security … Lire la suite de Biden: diplomacy for the middle classes

Putin’s first strategic setback

The great tsar of twenty-first century Russia, Vladimir Putin has just suffered his first strategic setback. He has lost Erdogan, his friend of five years. On his southern flank, Putin had succeeded, since August 2016, in building an anti-Western partnership with his counterpart in authoritarianism, the neo-Ottoman sultan, enshrined in the delivery to the Turkish … Lire la suite de Putin’s first strategic setback