Putin’s first strategic setback

The great tsar of twenty-first century Russia, Vladimir Putin has just suffered his first strategic setback. He has lost Erdogan, his friend of five years. On his southern flank, Putin had succeeded, since August 2016, in building an anti-Western partnership with his counterpart in authoritarianism, the neo-Ottoman sultan, enshrined in the delivery to the Turkish … Lire la suite de Putin’s first strategic setback

Iran, the new pawn in China’s realpolitik

In the global chess game between the United States and China, the latter has just seized an important square. On 27 March 2021, Iran's foreign minister went to Beijing to sign a 25-year strategic cooperation pact with China. The Chinese will invest the equivalent of $400 billion in Iran in the fields of road infrastructure, … Lire la suite de Iran, the new pawn in China’s realpolitik

President Biden’s migration challenge

On the border between Mexico and the United States, human traffickers have adapted, with their characteristic cynicism, to the new administrative situation prevailing in Washington. Joe Biden has retained the Title 42 health directive issued by his predecessor, which allows US border guards to immediately deport illegal border crossers. But he made an exception for … Lire la suite de President Biden’s migration challenge

The beautiful dream of the « alliance of democraties »

Speaking by videoconference on 19 February 2021 at the Munich Conference, devoted each year to security issues, Joe Biden wished to send "a clear message to the world: America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back!". The President of the United States thus wanted to signal his country's return to multilateralism in diplomacy, based on … Lire la suite de The beautiful dream of the « alliance of democraties »